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Best Paper Awards 2017

Best Research Paper

Prof. Ser-Huang Poon
University of Manchester, UK

Best Student Paper

Gloria Clarissa Dzeha
University of Ghana

Best Paper Awards 2016

Best Research Paper

Dr. Clair Nixon
Texas A&M University, USA

Best Student Paper

Mr. Abhay Nagale
VES Institute of Management, India

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Prior Year's Accepted Papers

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2011 Accepted Papers

Paper Title DOI#
Risk-Return-Management for Non-Finance-Businesses. Value Based Risk Reporting and Management Control of Business Units 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-055
Risk Disclosure Policies: A cross-sectional analysis of the Greek Banking Industry 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-079
Structured Finance for MFI Sector---Need for Proper Risk Management 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-082
Factors affecting Choice of a Mutual Fund by Investors -An empirical study in Delhi NCR 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-030
Audit Committees and Fraudulent Financial Reporting 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-009
The Influences of Earnings, Leverage, Operating Cycle, Capital Intensity and Operating Cash Flow Toward Future Operating Cash Flow of the Companies Registered in Indonesia Stock Exchange 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-062
Quantitative Materiality Factors in Auditing - An Experimental Study 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-049
A cross-country study: Determinants of Non-Performing Loans in the Eurozone 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-054
Accounting and disclosure of investment properties (IAS 40). An empirical analysis of European listed companies 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-056
Extent of Information Disclosure by Indian Life Insurance Companies on their Websites-An Empirical Study 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-086
Implementation of IFRs For SMEs in Indonesia (Case Study on Rural Banks) 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-063
Integration of Islamic Finance Model (IFM) within the International Business 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-087
EVA vs. Accounting Metrics in Listed Companies. Evidence from Europe 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-038
Production efficiency: Measuring the performance of process execution in banking 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-033
FRS 138 Intangible Assets in Malaysian Companies: The Extent of Compliance and Voluntary Disclosures 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-090
Board Process and Capital Structure Decisions in Malaysian Companies 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-012
Conceptual framework for earnings management and corporate governance research 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-061
The Analysis of Relationship between the Supplement of Financial Assets and the Assets Distribution 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-015
Environmental External Failure Costs of the Manufacturing Sector in Thailand 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-043
Board Composition, Proprietary Costs, Discretionary Risk Disclosure and Firm Performance 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-060
State Owned Enterprises Valuation in Emerging market: the case of Vietnam 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-074
XBRL for Financial Reporting Will Improve Stock Market Efficiency 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-010
Factors affecting the performance of life insurers in Thailand 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-080
The impairment of Intangible assets in sport industry: the case of multiannual rights to exploit the performance of professional footballers 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-067
The Corporate Governance in turnaround strategy: the definition of index of good governance and evidence on performance 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-085
A study of the relationship between successful performance measurement and a firm’s financial performance 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-101
Web-Enabled Sri Lankan Listed Companies 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-096
A new perspective on the financial performance measures 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-076
Intellectual Capital on firms’ Performance in Sri Lanka: An empirical investigation on Listed Banks in Colombo Stock Exchange 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-089
The Impact of the Cumulative Abnormal Return on Dividend Announcement 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-102
Effects of firm characteristics on share prices: Evidence from Sri Lanka 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-091
Behavioral Accounting and Corporate Governance: Compensation Regimes with the Example of UBS Switzerland 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-019
Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets: A clockwork bomb ready to burst? 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-023
Approaches to the Corporate Accounting Processes in the Czech Republic in the Conditions of the 21st century 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-073
The value relevance of Other Comprehensive Income (OCI) 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_AF-081
Profit-Making Educational Organisations and Choice of Educational Expenditure and Quality 10.5176/978-981-08-8227-3_qqe2011-36

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