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Best Paper Awards 2017

Best Research Paper

Prof. Ser-Huang Poon
University of Manchester, UK

Best Student Paper

Gloria Clarissa Dzeha
University of Ghana

Best Paper Awards 2016

Best Research Paper

Dr. Clair Nixon
Texas A&M University, USA

Best Student Paper

Mr. Abhay Nagale
VES Institute of Management, India

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Prior Year's Accepted Papers

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2013 Accepted Papers

Paper Title DOI#
Reward or Penalty Inter-temporal Pricing of a Decentralized Channel Supply Chain Under Asymmetric Information Condition Dr. Weiping Liu and Dr. Lindu Zhao
An Agenda for Improving Non-Oil Export Performance in Nigeria through Bank Finance Sama’ila Idi Ningi and James H. Landi
The Effect of Good Corporate Governance and Company's Characteristics to Firm's Value of Listed Banking at Indonesian Stock Exchange Julia Farah Debby, Mukhtaruddin, Emylia Yuniarti, Dewa Saputra, Abukosim
Empirical Study of Tax Payer Compliance in Tax Filing: Applying Theory of Planned Behavior Marthadiansyah, Inten Meutia, Mukhtaruddin, Dewa Saputra
Financial Management and Control of Iterative Software Processes: Advances in Similarities-Based Calculation Methods Alexander Baumeister, Markus Ilg
IPOs Long Term Performance of MENA Countries Mohammad S. Al-Shiab
Enhancing Transparency in Vietnamese State Budget by Framework of Consistent Public Auditing Process Pham Quang Huy, Vo Van Nhi, Mai Thi Hoang Minh
Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation and Accounting Information Quality Y Anni Aryani, Krismiaji
Earnings Quality of Business Group Firms: Evidence from Taiwan Yan-Jie Yang, Qian Long Kweh, Ruey-Ching Lin
All you Need is Cash? Empirical evidence on key factors in delisting process in Italy M. Tutino, I.C. Panetta, E. Laghi
The Implications of Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Performance with Reputaion as Intervening Variable (Empirical Study in the Manufacturing Company in Indonesia) Agus Ismaya Hasanudin, Roni Budianto
The Determinants of Credit Risk of Islamic Banks in Malaysia: A Panel Study Faridah Najuna Misman, Weifang Lou, Ishaq Bhatti, Faridah Najuna Misman
Analyst Characteristics and Earnings Management Shin-Rong Shiah-Hou, Yen-Ju Huang
The measurement of Internal Audit Effectiveness at Ministry of Finance in Republic of Indonesia Kartika Djati and Payamta
Accounting Policy and Institutional Pressures in Subsidiaries: The Case of Estonia Lehte Alver, Jaan Alver, Jeanette Thomsen, Elin Sundgaard, Liis Talpas
Characteristics and Relevant Skills of The Forensic Accountant: An Empirical Study on Indonesia Yanti Puji Astutie and Yuni Utami
On Some Theoretical Developments and Applications of System Integrated Analysis Methodology for Evalutation of a Business Entity's Performance Jaan Alver and Emilia Startseva
Variables Affecting KPI-Usage in the Public Sector: A Behavorial Controlling Study of Police Management in North Rhine- Westphilia Robert C. Rickards, Colin Byron Nierenz, Rolf Ritsert
The Determinants of the Quality of Mandatory Disclosure of Goodwill: An Empirical Analysis Prof. Alain Devalle, Ph.D. and Prof. Fabio Rizzato, Ph.D.
The Moderating Effect of Executive Stock Options on the Value Relevnace of Financial Information Philémon Rakoto
The Costs of Services Provided by b-to-b Companies: Methodological innovation in Cost Accounting System Antonella Cugini and Silvia Pilonato
Audits in the Nonprofit Sector: Current Challenges from the Perspective of German-Speaking Countries Josef Baumüller
The Effect of Manufacturing Cost and SGA Cost to the Earnings: Evidence from International Listed Firms John Sorros
Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure and Predictability of Future Earnings: Evidence From Indonesia Stock Exchance Istianingsih and Rhodiah Zulni
Did the Adoption of IAS/IFRS bt German Firms in 2005 Improve Earnings' Predictive Power with regard to Forecasting Future Operation Cash Flows? An Empirical Analysis of German Publicity Listed Firms Stephan Gossner and Thomas Berndt
Efficiency of the Currency Options Market During the Global Financial Crisis Ariful Hoque
Accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European Union: Impact on Public Finances, Budget and Legislation M.Sc. Ana Komljenovic and Dr.Sc. Brana Komljenovic
Board of Director Characteristics and Earnings Management in Malaysia Sohail Ahmed
Heterogeneity and cultural Differences in Financial Decisions: New Opportunities Form Mitchell's Cognitive Legal Theory Angela Ambrosino and Paolo Pietro Biancone

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