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Best Paper Awards 2016

Best Research Paper

Dr. Clair Nixon
Texas A&M University, USA

Best Student Paper

Mr. Abhay Nagale
VES Institute of Management, India

Best Paper Awards 2015

Best Research Paper

Dr. Gopalan Srinivasan
University of New Brunswick, Canada

Best Student Paper

Ms. Zlatinka Gougoumanova
James Cook University, Singapore

Best Paper Awards 2014

Best Research Paper

Dr. Michael Falta
University of Otago, New Zealand
Prof. Alain Devalle
University of Turin, Italy

Best Student Paper

Ms. Sasithorn Supatanakornkij
The University of Edinburgh Business School, UK

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Selected Paper Submissions for Oral Presentation at AF 2017 (as at 16 May 2017)

Implementation Fund Village Policy In Creating The Food Self-Sufficiency And Management Resource Environmental Sustainable (Case Studies in Ogan Ilir, South Sumatera, Indonesia)
Using the Annual Report Readability for a Better Corporate Bankruptcy Prediction
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy and Its Influence Over Consumer Purchasing Decisions in Financial Institutions
Corporate case holdings and acquisitions
The Tangible Risk of Intangible Capital
Sustainable and conventional mutual funds: Do they really differ?
The Effect of Director Limited Liability Provisions on Firm Value
Refinement of the Signaling, Earnings Management, and Free Cash Flow Hypotheses as the Motives for Stock Repurchases
Financial Impact On Companies of FASB Change in Accounting For Leases
Bias in international Portfolio Diversification and Investor Protection Standard
Are Our Directors Effective And Diligent?
Market Seasonality: The Cases of Croatia, Czech Republic and Hungary
Partial Volatility Anomaly in Accounting Risk and Return: New Indian Evidence
Persistence Effect in Stock Markets: Study on Asian Exchanges
Effect of Bilateral Trading Relationships on Execution Costs in Over-the-Counter Markets
Does the Impulse of Corporate Social Responsibility Mean Low Tax Avoidance? Evidence from Charitable Foundations of Chinese Listed Companies
Preferred Firm Attributes by Institutional Investors: New Evidence from India
When Accounting Is In Power: Exploring The Accounting-Led Organizational Changes Within Indonesian Ignited By Health Care National Social Security System
The Development of Rural Credit Cooperatives and Income Inequality in China
Analysis of Related Party Transactions in India A Group and Non-Group Company Perspective
Factors Affecting Capital Structure in Indian Corporate Sector: A study of Select Companies in the Post-liberalization Era
Portfolio Selection in the Nigeria Stock Exchange: Does Financial Variables Portend Values?
Do Markets Accurately Price Earnings Momentum?
Climbing The Corporate Ladder: Whom Do Highly Skilled Ceos Work For?
Risk Of Internationalization On Taiwan Banking Industry
Stop Firing The Guns! How Does Conflict Interact With Fdi To Influence Economic Growth
Empirical Study On The Relationship Between Quality Management System And Organizational Performance: A Case Of Malawi Banking Service Industry
Earnings Management Around Uk Seasoned Equity Offerings
Learning From Errors: An Exploratory Study Among Mauritian Auditors
Size, Value, Momentum, And Liquidity Effects In Indian Stock Returns
An Ardl Model On Oil Prices, Exchange Rates, And Implied Volatility
Learning From Errors: An Exploratory Study Among Mauritian Auditors
Value Relevance Of Accounting Information: A Study Of Steel Sector In India
Board Of Director Characteristics And Earnings Management: Evidence From Bahrain
Air Canada 2004-2009: The Case Of A Distressed Firm Under The Control Of A Hedge-Fund
Does Working Capital Management Affect The Profitability? Evidence From Select Food And Agro Based Companies In India
Market Capitalization And Measures Of Performance: An European Analysis
Company Directors Attending The “Mad Hatters Tea Party”: Directors Duties, Corporate Governance And Accountability.
Can Mandated Xbrl Data Be Used To Predict Earnings Direction And Create A Profitable Investment Strategy ?
Customer-Supplier Relationships And Abnormal Accruals
The Watchdog Metaphor
Forward-Looking Information In Integrated Reporting: An Empirical Investigation
Adopting Ifrs 16 (Lease) On Financial Performance Of Nigerian Oil Marketing Companies
Environmental Uncertainty On Managerial Performance And Management Accounting Systems As Moderating Variable
Remittances And Human Development In Africa
Management Accounting And Supply Chain Performance Of Healthcare Institutions In Ghana
Selecting Optimal Portfoliousing Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Measurement Of Economic Quality Of Staff Competence. Concept Creation. Presentation Of Experience
The Audit Expectation Gap - Further Reflections With A Comparative Analysis Of The Uk, Singapore And China.
How Corporate Covernance Mechanisms Affect Bank Berformance In Foreign Subsidiaries In Cee
An Empirical Study Of The Securities Transaction Tax (Stt) In The South Korean Capital Market: Focus On Volatility Effect, Trading Volume, And Tax Capitalization
State Of Sustainability Reporting Assurance In New Zealand
Does Labor Power Affect Stock Price Synchronicity In The Country Level?
Refining Asset Allocation Under The Resampled Mean-Variance Optimisation Approach: Evidence From The Johannesburg Securities Exchange
The Determinants Of Accounting Harmonisation In Indonesian Municipalities/Cities
Dynamic Models Of Exchange Rate Dependence Using Option Prices And Historical Returns
Spillovers In The Value Of Political Connections In Large Family Business Groups
Fintech In Personal Finance – Do Money Management Tools Affect Household Finance?
Self Awareness And The Value Of Ethics In An Organization
Tax Audit Issues And It’S Development In The Republic Of Kazakhstan
Gender Diverse Portfolios As New Asset Class
Financial Consumer Protection And Economic Development
Req Concession
Towards A Comprehensive Framework For Corporate Governance Risk Across Countries
Risk Perception And Risk Management In Cloud Computing: Results From A Case Study Of Egyptian Companies
The Impact Of Cloud Computing Technology On The Audit Processes And The Audit Profession
The Qualifications Of Making The Role Of The Peer Review More Effective As A Control Tool On The Audit Quality
The Impact Of Integrating Open Book Accounting And Cloud Technology In Improving Performance And Competitive Advantages Consolidation
External Auditors' Perceptions Of Cloud Computing Adoption In Egyptian Environment
The Magnet Effect Of Circuit Breaker S And Its Interactions With Price Limits
A Study On The Relations Among Auditing Quality, Investor Sentiment And Earning Response ---Evidence From Chinese A-Share Market
Lean Accounting In Lean Manufacturing
Audit Committee In China: An Effective Monitor Or Just A Decoration?
The Governance Role Of Unions In Improving Corporate Investment Efficiency
Does Cross-Listing Mitigate Sub-Optimal Corporate Investment?
Organizational Culture, Environmental Management Control System, And Environmental Performance
Can Sustainability Be Budget For? Evidence From Iran
Ceo Duality, Information Costs, And Firm Performance
An Empirical Study On “Social Accounting”
Impact Of Just-In-Time Manufacturing On Profit Maximization
Local Versus Foreign Analysts' Forecast Accuracy: Does Herding Matter?
The Impact Of Reforms On Commonwealth Of Independent States’ (Cis) Banking Profitability
The Resolution Of The Financial Crisis Of Taiwan High Speed Rail Project
A Comparison Of Impairment Determinants Under Gaap And Ifrs Regimes
The Valuation Of Market-Based Attributes Of Earnings Quality Of Indonesian Listed Firms
Board Governance In The Not-For-Profit Sector: The “Golden” Rule Model For Recruitment And Retention Of Voluntary Boards Of Directors
Multi Factor Model Framework For Portfolio Risk And Return Attribution
Ceo Sports Hobby And Firms’ Tax Aggressiveness

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